Recover Exchange when Export-Mailbox cmdlet proves to be of no-use

Published: 04th May 2011
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Exmerge is an amazing tool devised for Exchange users so that they can easily export mailbox to an Exchange PST database file but the utility has now been replaced with the new Exchange Management Shell cmdlets which are Export-Mailbox and Import-Mailbox which is also as useful as exmerge. Export-Mailbox cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell are designed to export mailbox data from one mailbox to a folder in another mailbox.

Ascertain that Export-Mailbox cmdlet is not Exchange recovery software; it simply exports mailbox data rather than migrating the entire mailbox. Therefore, if you wish to to recover Exchange data, you need Exchange Recovery software.

Export-Mailbox cmdlet allows you to export mailbox data from source mailbox to the target mailbox and export mailbox data from source mailbox to a pst file. Hence, you can export mailbox data from source mailbox to a pst file. When you export data to a particular PST file, you must use the PSTFolderPath parameter to specify the path to the PST file where you wish the data to be exported.

Using this Export-Mailbox cmdlet, data can be exported to a subfolder in the target mailbox and folder as specified by the user. TargetFolder is defined to specify the folder on the target mailbox. This parameter decides the highest-level mailbox folder that can be created on the intended mailbox. This folder comprises a subfolder named Recovered Data - < Source_Mailbox_Name > - < Date_Time >. This subfolder contains all the exported messages and folders.

During this process, if the target folder you specified is there on the target mailbox, then the data so exported to the mailbox will be saved in the existing target folder in the mailbox. If in case the target folder is not there, the folder will be created. However, this cmdlet too, fails to offer you with accurate Exchange recovery results.

While the Export-Mailbox cmdlet is used to export items from a MS Exchange 2007 mailbox to a pst file by using a filter, the export fails for certain mailboxes. The following error message appears in the Exchange Management Shell:

"Export-Mailbox: Error was found for () because: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. Failed to copy messages to the destination mailbox store with error:

MAPI or an unspecified service provider.

ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000, error code: -1056749164"

The occurrence of this error might be seen when any item in the PST file falls outside the filter restriction. For example, if you set the restriction with the subject of a message is ‘test’, certain messages that have other subjects will still exist in the pst file. The PST file is also known as a dumpster folder i.e. a folder that contains even the permanently deleted messages until a store cleanup occurs.

Use third party Exchange Recovery software to recover Exchange database files and ensure you do not lose on important EDB files. The software is available for free download so that you can check the functionality and features of the software.

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